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How to become a successful late riser | Camilla Kring | TEDxAarhus

Our societies prize early risers (A-persons) – but most of us are late risers (B-persons). In her talk, Camilla challenges the 9 to 5 society and introduces the B-society – a more flexible society that also supports B-persons.

How to succeed in business if you’re not a morning person | Happiness at Work Conference

Flexibility is among the keys to well-being, and management must have the courage to address the flexibility of their company’s work culture, because that culture’s values determine whether employees have the courage to make use of flexibility.

Camilla Kring: Improve productivity and life quality by syncronizing work life with the biological clock

You’re born with inherent biological rhythms. It’s not something you choose. If you are an early chronotype (A-person), you have the best energy early in the morning. If you are a B-person, you will to go to bed later, and get up later, with peak energy later in the day.

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